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For just $47 per month, you gain access to numerous opportunities that will skyrocket your income potential. 

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Exceptional Affiliate Commissions

We value our Affiliate Partners, which is why we offer a generous 50% commission on all course sales made through your affiliate links.

Unlike many affiliate programs, with us, you receive lifetime attribution of referrals.

Once someone unlocks a free course using your link, they are locked to you for life, allowing you to reap the rewards for every course they purchase throughout their learning journey.


Customizable Blogs – Your Marketing Powerhouse

As an Affiliate Partner, you will receive YOUR VERY OWN BLOG, which can be tailored according to your niche.

This is your chance to share your story, your products, and your services.

Unlike platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, and Wix, we offer this at NO ADDITIONAL COST and with a cherry on top!

Your blog is updated daily with fresh news content, keeping it engaging and sticky for users, drawing them back again and again.

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Lead Generation for Greater Networking

We help you grow your network by providing you a list of your leads, including their names and emails.

These are your students, your contacts – use them to expand your marketing efforts, create new business connections, or develop your own autoresponder sequences.

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Smart Systems that Sell for You

Your primary task is to spread knowledge by giving away free courses.

We take care of the rest.

Once your lead unlocks a free course, they are seamlessly integrated into our automated response systems.

Through value-rich content and strategically placed paid offers, we do the selling for you.

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Set Up & Support

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You will receive this welcome within 24 hours of signing up.

Our dedicated team is on standby to help you get started on your journey to success.


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